— the way we

redesign your waste

work with us

1. Material research

The first step to addressing a waste challenge is identifying where it is, how much there is and what we can do about it. We apply our material expertise to map the waste supply, research its physical properties and test industrial processes for strengthening the qualities of each material.

2. Product innovation

Once we’ve researched what’s possible, we develop a product that turns this waste into something useful. This includes those hard to recycle wastes too. And we don’t mean creating an art installation, but developing a product that showcases the material’s strengths, works and relates to your core business.

3. Open storytelling

We want you to be seen and known as the circular economy leaders you are so we work with you to communicate the story of your product innovation in a creative, open and honest way. By connecting your journey to the values of your audience, you’re able to strengthen your brand position and rally a loyal community of customers both current and new.

Time is finite, so are the planet's resources, so let’s get going. Contact us.