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The Bio Press is a low-tech machine and process that can turn cellulose containing organic materials into products that are biodegradable. We also developed a range of material recipes and created two example products - a bowl and a cup - that can be applied as alternatives to single-use plastic products. We further shared the developments through open design files, blueprints, tutorials and illustrations and communicated the results through exhibitions and educational videos on the broader subject of biodegradable materials.

Beyond Plastic is set out to develop into a network of biomaterial workspaces that empowers people to take the materiality of the future into their own hands. While many groups and workspaces around the world have already built their own Bio Press, we are getting ready to roll out the next level and partner with organisations around the world to implement, adapt and enhance the project through pilots.

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Time is finite, so are the planet's resources, so let's get going.

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