We like to think we're here to communicate between your business and the earth systems that support us.

We connect dots, test new ideas, discover possibilities. But most of all, we are here to keep waste out of landfill, the ocean, and the atmosphere.

What we do

Material research
Product design
Sustainability consulting
Open source documentation
Systems thinking
Communication & storytelling

Material research

The first step to addressing a waste challenge is identifying where it is, how much there is and what we can do about it. We apply our material expertise to map the waste supply, research its physical properties and test industrial processes for strengthening the qualities of each material.

Product design & innovation

Once we’ve researched what’s possible, we develop a product that turns your waste into something useful. This includes those hard to recycle wastes too. And we don’t mean creating an art installation, but developing a product that showcases the material’s strengths, works and relates to your core business.

Sustainability consulting

We know that getting sustainability right is really difficult, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, you might not need a whole strategy, but a thought-partner to lean on in certain parts of your journey. We can help with creating your sustainability goals, supporting LCA's, mapping your material flows and developing actionable steps.

Open-source documentation

We love making the whole process open-source because we want everyone working on the world’s waste problem. We know sharing technical knowledge and solutions accelerates the transition to a circular economy and is a competitive edge for our clients.

Systems thinking

Systems thinking is a mindset that helps us understand the complexity of the living world and our human made socio-economic systems. This mindset allows to untangle all of the different interrelated parts of a system and what might be the right levers to pull to ultimately move toward systemic change.

Communication & storytelling

If you've done the hard work in cleaning up your waste, or perhaps eliminating it all together, it's important to communicate it to those that mean the most to you. We're all driven by stories, and we can help you tell the one of your journey.

Some notable things we've achieved as a studio and separately:

Talks & Awards

German Design Award nominee
form Progress Award
German Design Research Award
IDEO Beyond the Bag Challenge shortlist

Partners & Collaborators

Precious Plastic
Fraunhofer WKI
Ace & Tate
Fjord Lifestyle
Forum for the Future

Press & Exhibitions

London Surface Design Fair
Dutch Design Week
Kunstgewerbe Museum Berlin
Natural History Museum Berlin
Isola Design District Milano
German Science Year - Ministry of Research
Romanian Design Week
YKSI Rethinking Plastic


What kind of projects do you work with?

We love to work with projects that have a waste stream that needs rethinking. This can involve us figuring out exactly what your waste is, mapping what goes in and out, and coming up with great ideas to make sure it doesn't end up in a bad place. And we also love to work with early stage products, making sure that there is no waste from the get-go.

Do we have to be in Berlin?

No. We work with clients all over the world and if we're prototyping physical products or materials, we'll get them in the post for you.

What kind of materials do you work with? 

Since we live in the Plastic Age, we work a lot with different types of plastics. However, our process is designed and equipped to work with any material that is wasted at the moment. This means, we can find solutions for synthetic and organic materials in any form or shape - solids, fluids, gases, ashes. You name it.

I have another question!

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