So, why open-source?

Because we want everyone working on the world's waste problem.

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To us, open-source means:

Radical Transparency.

The solutions we discover are documented from the beginning and released online for free so others can build on our innovations.

This means we all benefit from an ever-evolving library of knowledge, creating an open, collaborative and global approach to reducing waste.

Better results, faster.

In a world that can’t afford to wait, open-source is the type of industry leadership that the world’s most innovative companies are championing. Just ask Elon Musk why he open-sources Tesla's tech.
You, your business and your customers benefit from the collaborative knowledge of experts, start-ups and even competitors as we work together to take action against a growing waste problem. 

Don’t panic. 

Now is the time for us to be bold, come together and start making a real difference. Our open-source model uses the power of the crowd, promotes deeper understanding and gets to a solution quicker.

A competitive advantage.

Today's consumers won’t settle for greenwashing. They demand real solutions to address environmental problems created by the brands they love. They want to feel part of the process, even when it’s not perfect. 

Being transparent about your company’s current waste, sharing the process and technology around trying to solve it, and then telling an open and transparent story around that process is today’s competitive advantage. 

Time is finite, so are the planet's resources, so let’s get going. Contact us.